Sunday, September 16, 2012

Such pretty babies

Completed edit with PSE, Camerabag, and PSE

Camerabag's "vibrant poolside" filter on top of PSE

PSE guassian blur to messy background

original photo

hardly need editing, but there's that messy background and the exposure could use a little tweeking.  The bottom photo is as it was shot.  The next one up has the background blurred with photoshop elements to make the babies more of a focal point.  The second from the top was hit with a filter from the camera bag ap called "vibrant poolside".  I then used the camera bag image as a layer on top of the edited PSE layer back in the elements application, masked out the camera bag filter that was blowing out the baby's face in the foreground and added a little warming filter to her face instead. 

I'm still working at restorations for Operation Photo Rescue, but since these photos belong to other persons I am not allowed to show any of those projects.  Slow, tedious work but it's very gratifying to see a photo that has significant damage brought back to like new- as close as I can get it anyway.  I'm sure I'm building on my skills doing this.  I just wonder if by the time I get very expert will I be seriously loosing my sight from staring so hard at small areas on the computer screen.  I try to look away frequently and focus on something as distant as I can (at night in my patent's rooms I might not have very far indeed, but still OFF the screen for a moment).

I spend a lot of time reading many blogs, and it sure seems to me that everyone in the world is more productive than I am.  I especially like the sewing blogs, for inspiration.  I guess there was a time when I cranked it out like that.  The school is starting sewing marathons I used to do!!  I try to be gentle with myself if I start feeling like "less" because of the wealth of creativity some of these women manifest into real objects, and gentle with my thoughts of some of them when I start envying thier lives with a contributing spouse and money for dream machines and studios.  I don't think I'd have the sustained sewing revival I've got going on without the wonderful world of blogs.  I love looking at what they are all making and then diving in with some projects of my own.  I like how most of sewing seems to be simpler than back in the day.  The Haute couture, tailored, and hierloom techniques are still out there being learned and perfected but the wealth of fast and easy sewing makes it much more likely that I'll start and finish a project.

I've got a lunch date Tuesday, and I'm taking my camera.  Maybe I'll spark up the blaze under my photography fire.

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