Friday, October 21, 2011

merging images, third video

I've completed a third video, cut and merge photos.  This is a technique that everyone usually wants to learn how to do in photoshop, to build a composite photo with elements out of two or several images.  It was something I used to get all kinds of confused about in the beginning when I was just working off trial and error.  I'd select something and then couldn't get it to go where I wanted, or inverse when I wasn't supposed to.  After working along with a video or two, it became so simple!  Kind of like knitting, I needed live or video instruction to learn that as well.  Written tutorials with photo's just left me with snarls. 

I'm not sure if I fixed the sound on the listener's end or on my own end, but I think this one is audible.  Now I need to work on eliminating my "um"s!!!  Forgive me, I'm just learning!  It's a little frightening to think I could end up somewhere on the internet as "the worst of" either with the video's or my shutterbug album, but if I don't try I'll never grow, and this might help a few others on the way to a very gratifying hobby.  Taking photo's is so much more fun when you end up with some you really like to look at!  Here is the link to this tutorial:  The great thing about going to youtube for tutorial videos is on the sidebar there are always several more related videos.  Have fun!

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