Tuesday, January 3, 2012

photoshop 10 book giveaway

These are from summer 2008 in a small Delaware town named Milton.  Don't they make you want to put on some kind of 4th of July-looking hat and wave a flag?  The town has a great micro brewery named Dogfish Head that gives tours with beer sampling at the end too.  The photo uptop was cropped, exposure tweaked a little and some dodging and burning- I'm happy.

The great folks at tipsquirrel have a giveaway on a new photoshop elements 10 cheats book- which would work well for some earlier versions as well as make you lust for 10.  Visit and enter here.  If you are visiting me long after today the giveaway is probably over, but this site inspires me over and over in what I can do with little ole elements.  I'll probably never buy full photoshop.  All that cash when I can get so much done with this red headed stepchild of thiers.  Or maybe it's the smarter, less noticed little brother.  Whatever.  I love elements!

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