Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I should wear make up more often

I always have to smooth my skin and take out the bags under the eyes, and I tell myself, it's not really much edit, just how I'd look if I put on some concealer and powder.  This time I added eyelashes too, thank you ss eyelashes at .  They have cool eyeshadows too.  I add them one lid at a time onto transparent layers, then shrink or revolve and adjust opacity until they look right, like mine when I put on mascara.  I promised my granddaughter a makeup day soon, and then we'll take glam shots and touch up from there.  I'll leave the wrapping paper off.

postscript- a little makeup and combing the hair DOES help!


  1. haha! I always tell myself that same thing. But I just refuse to wear makeup and I'm also telling myself that in REAL life I don't look so ghastly haggard as I do in my uneditted photos.

    It's a theory. I'm going with it.

  2. The animation from life DOES help most unphotogenic folks, and I have the feeling you are pretty animated!