Monday, December 5, 2011

The microphone is fixed!

So I have completed and am uploading another tutorial, Using brushes and art in photoshop and photoshop elements, to Youtube. It is taking an incredibly long time to upload though, I tried yesterday and am giving it another go right now.  It worries me some because of the viral onslaught I had recently, but I read where many other users have had problems too.  So, it should be visable in an hour or two here .

I've seen some fabulous designer camera bags for women, look like very luxe purses with prices to match.  I craved one but would never pay that price, well maybe even if I could afford it.  But with all my crawling around looking for free patterns, it's so obvious the solution is to sew it yourself!!!  Here's one that I really loved where you just make the inserts for an already-made purse of your choice, but if you google and look yourself there are bunches and bunches of free patterns for inserts (some suggest foam and duct tape) or the entire bag, so cute!!!  If you don't sew and can't afford the designer one, I'd suggest finding someone who would make one for you, maybe in exchange for some photo services?

10% uploaded in 10 minutes, sigh.  It's always been fast before.  I'm thinking the next tutorial will be on making your own brushes.  Happy editing!

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