Tuesday, June 5, 2012

camerabag 2 for $20.30 till June 8

The good people at Nevercenter are offering a 30% discount on the camerabag 2 program until June 8 with the discount code “CB25D20”.   That makes it a measly $20.30 for download.  I really like the program and though I'm trying to save every penny right now, I just might splurge.  As I said, it sure outprices the "actions" packages I see out there, and you can create your own filters.  I think the longer you have it and play with it, the more you can do.  It would never replace my beloved Adobe, with the brushes and the organizer (without which I'd spend way too much time searching for photos, I have going on 8,000 images tagged for finding specific people or times or places or techniques fast). 

Such a good deal I had to post it here (where I know I have virtually no traffic presently) and on facebook.  You could still download free and have the chance to decide for a few days if you want to buy.

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