Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tutorial on Elements organizer

I was updating my organizer and decided this would be a good tutorial to do for the beginner to photoshop elements.  When I first got the program (version 5 or something way back) I started with albums.  Soon it seemed to be more busy work than anything helpful, the images are already in albums of sorts as they are uploaded into my files on the computer.  But tagging them! This way I can add a short description, or several short descriptions to reference and cross reference any image any way I choose.  There is no limit to the descriptions that you can put on a photo, and when you click on that tag, only photos with that description show thumbnails.  I don't have to remember what folder a photo is in, I can find ONLY pics of my oldest son, or only pics of him at home, or only pictures of barns as long as I've made that tag and tagged the images. 

The tags have even stayed with the images through my three upgrades to newer versions, though of course I've added more as time went on.  I started with a few broad categories and have added more categories and sub-categories.  Now even on early onset senility days I can pretty much find whatever I'm looking for fast, even if I don't have a specific image in mind. 

I've been playing mostly with the camerabag2 program (when not sewing or walking for hip health or SLEEPING (why does it seem like I sleep more doing night shift when I know I sleep less?  More PURSUIT of sleep, I think).  Even when all sucked up into the new fun of camerabag I still find myself going to the organizer in Elements.  I always wait for sales, but I swear this program is worth every penny I've paid for it.  If you've got it, learn to squeeze out all of the benefits, and the photo tags are a big benefit!

The tutorial is here .  Sure is weird hearing myself, working on sounding better, but my mind stutters!!!

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