Friday, June 15, 2012

I've been in a sewing frenzy

I know, it's summer, I'm walking much better and I should be out there, taking lots and lots of photos to edit.  The weather has been great!  And I have been out there, just not taking many great photos that I'd like to edit.  I have been having a ball sewing though.

The machine is a kenmore from around 1992, my dream machine back then.  It has stood up very well with the exception of the annoying plastic bobbin cover that likes to slide off during sewing and now needs tape to keep it in place at all.  It has a hundred or so specialty stitches that mostly don't look great and I seldom use, though with some stabilizer and metallic or specialty thread on the right fabric has done some pretty things.  The main electronic brain fried a week after the warranty expired about 15 years ago and Sears nicely fixed it for free for me.  It does a pretty darn good job on everything I have asked it to.

It's sitting on top of a kenmore in the table that is from the 1950's that is a basic zig zag and a work horse!  It is one of those old metal machines that does an exquisite straight stitch and goes through layers of heavy stuff (or super delicate thin stuff) like nobody's business.  It currently needs a new belt (sitting in my supplies, awaiting motivation) and then I plan on using it for some crib quilts I've got going.  There's also a budget serger in the corner that I've never been thrilled with.  By the time I've threaded the sucker and then worked out all the kinks for sewing whatever project I'm on I could have finished with a zig zag and trim.  Maybe I'll resurrect it too though, there's so much you can do with a serger that really can't be mimicked on a sewing machine.

The projects pictured:  two fast and easy dresses for my 8 year old granddaughter, the first clothes I've ever sewed for her.  I know, I know.  But her mom always bought such really nice clothes for her in such plenitude that I felt the effort wasn't worth it.  This year she had a growth spurt right at the end of school and was begging for dresses and skirts just when Mom's pocket was tight.  I did a skirt too that though not pictured is sooooo cute.  I'm teaching Kayla to sew and she is thrilled.  The yard furniture is 20 or 30 years old, a second hand gift, and until last week had the original cushions with the fabric flapping off the shredded stuffing.  I found some outdoor canvas on sale on a special trip to Joannes, 60 miles up the road.  I did a fast and dirty and finished these in a couple hours.  It's nothing real special, I skipped shaping and piping and just made pillow case type covers to get it done so it wouldn't migrate to the fabric stash where nothing happens until it's antique.  They look pretty darn good out there in the yard, and feel nice to sit on again. Yay!!!  The ironing board is in process of getting a new cover, it's done now and took less than an hour.  I did one once in a printed denim that lasted nicely for years and years and many washings, but I couldn't find a heavy fabric I loved for it at Joann's.  So this is a cheap calico and may make it a year, but I love how it cheers up my room where if I'm going to sew it (and all the sewing stuff) will be out all the time.  It has lines that help with garment construction and a pattern and colors that hide little messes that will happen, coffee cup rings or heavy starch application.

OK, ok, this is supposed to be a blog on editing.  Well, I did tweak the photos and crop and do a collage, and even had to decide a size to fit on this page.  I know it's truly not editing but I'm a gemini and I couldn't take it anymore!  The confines of being just about editing!!!  So, maybe as I debated before I'll start a new blog to let me blather on about whatever is floating my boat, or maybe I'll just cheat a little now and then.  Anyway, it's sunny and might hit 90 with a delicious cool breeze, Kayla is at the house and I've just got to get out of this chair.  I'm sooooo glad my hip replacement is done and getting healed.  Life is sooooo much better than the past two years.  

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